Eccentric clamp for cleaving saw, type FZ5-1 and FZ-1/18

The claws are used for fastening the saw to vertical frame sawing machine, type DNPAa, variant B (with riveted slats, type DNPAx) according to standard PN-84/M-54521.

The claw include:
1) bottom holder, made in three standard variants: with fastening depth B = 43; 203 or 233 mm;
2) top holder – with eccentric device for the saw tensioning;
3) circular cam guide;
4) wedge.

We offer two variants of the eccentric claw:
1) type FZ5-1 with thickness H = 21 mm
2) type FZ5-1/18 with thickness H = 18 mm.

Note: Optionally we offer the claws with other characteristic dimensions A and B.