About the Company

75 Years of Experience in Construction and Manufacturing of Machine Tools

Malborska Fabryka Obrabiarek “PEMAL” Ltd in Malbork is specialized in manufacturing machine tools, devices for woodworking, sharpening the woodworking tools, as well as in production of technological lines for wood and woodlike materials processing plants.
We have our own back-up facilities for research and development. We employ skilled professionals and experienced engineering staff.
For many years we have been experienced manufacturer of products for home and foreign markets. Our products meet all requirements demanded by European Directives, Polish Standards and other rules, both for the product quality and for industrial safety.

We have

Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008

We are the member of Association of Manufacturers of Woodworking Machines, Facilities and Tools “DROMA”

We make

– woodworking machine tools
– tool grinders for woodworking tools
– facilities for forestry, sawmills, joinery and furniture manufacturing industry (technological lines, including such elements as conveyors, trolleys, turn-tables, etc.)
– straw and firewood burning furnaces, including the fuel feeders
– steel structures

We provide services

– tool grinding
– machining
– heat treatment

We ensure

– warranty and post-warranty service
– overhauls of manufactured products.