Tool grinder type Dure

The tool grinder has been designed for sharpening such woodworking tools as: interlocking, spindle and cylindrical cutters with straight and oblique teeth; cutterheads, circular saws with sintered carbide cutting edges, planning machine cutting tools; chain cutters. The tool grinder may be used in sharpening shops of woodworking plants.

szlifierka ostrzarka dure




Technical and operational data
Power supply: ~3 x 400 V; 50 Hz
Maximum working shift of carriage: 660 mm
Maximum shift of cross slide: 160 mm
Maximum horizontal shift of the grinding head: 140 mm
Horizontal rotation of the grinding head: 360°
Vertical rotation of the grinding head: ±30°
Maximum vertical shift of the grinding head: 240 mm
Spindle rotational speed: 3500 or 6000 r.p.m.
Overall dimensions of the tool grinder (length x width x height): 1380x830x1460 mm
Tool grinder weight (including the outfit): 515 kg
Maximum diameter of cutters to be ground: 250 mm
Maximum diameter of circular saws to be ground: 600 mm
Shank diameter of shank cutters to be ground: max 20 mm
Maximum length of knives to be ground: 640 mm

Special outfit (optional delivery)