Special equipment grinder or cutter type Dure

Cutter grinding dividing head

Maximum diameter of cutters to be ground: 250 mmpodzielnica-do-ostrzenia-frezow
Cutter orifice diameter: 25 or 30 mm
Maximum horizontal deflection of the dividing head: ± 90°
Maximum vertical deflection of the dividing head: ± 45°
Number of notches in dividing templates: 12 and 15






Used for stiffening the cutters fastened on a long spindle.






Spindle set

Used for cutter fastening
Length of the part, where interlocking cutters can be fastened: 140 mm
Maximum diameter of cutters to be ground: 250 mm
Cutter orifice diameter: 25 or 30 mm



Circular saw grinding device

Circular saw diameter: 140 through 660 mm

Circular saw orifice diameter: 16 through 32 mm
Grinding position of the circular saw: horizontal
Grinding feed drive: manual
Tooth type: straight, oblique or trapezoidal




Knife grinding device

Maximum length of knives for single fastening: 640 mm

Number of simultaneously ground knives: 1
Thickness of knives to be ground: 3 through 4 mm
Grinding feed drive: manual




Chain cutter grinding device

Installed on cutter grinding dividing tool
Chain cutter – type DNDAa
Adjustment range for cutter tooth angle: 0 through 30°
Width of the chain cutters to be ground: 6, 8, 20, 12, 14, or 16 mm
Diameter of spindle for fastening the driving wheel: 16 mm
Adjustment range for chain cutter guide length: 0 through 30 mm


Holder for interlocking cutters with drill chuck

Diameter of cutter shank: max 12 mm



Holder for interlocking cutters with collet

Diameter of cutter shank:

6, 8, 10, 12, 5, 16, 20 mm



Grinding wheel balancing device

Maximum diameter of balanced grinding wheel: 150 mm
Cutter support

Exchangeable – fixed and adjustable supporting finger.
Maximum diameter of supported cutter: 250 mm
Grinding wheel honing tool

Possible round honing with radius: Rmax = 15 mm
Turning plate of the table

Plate turning angle with respect of direction of carriage shift: ± 10°


Automatic grinding device for saws with sintered carbide cutting edges


Device, type DURE 31 is used for automatic grinding of circular saws with sintered carbide cutting edges. Cutting surface and tool flank of the tooth can be ground. Thanks to electronic control system the grinder can be automatically switched off after grinding specified number of teeth.

1. Circular saw to be ground
a) outer diameter: 120 through 600 mm
b) orifice diameter (standard): 16, 20, 30 or 40 mm
c) thickness: up to 6 mm
d) minimum number of teeth: 12
2. Grinding capacity: 9 teeth per minute