Grinder for shape tools, type DUJA


The shape grinder has been designed for sharpening cutterheads with replaceable blades. The grinding is carried out on the tool plank. The grinder enables sharpening of cutterheads with replaceable blades, as well as sharpening of individual blades without the head. In this case the blades are fastened in a special device. This grinder is used in sharpening shops of woodworking plants using shape cutterheads.

Technical and operational data:

1) Dimensions of cutterhead with shape blades to be ground:
a) maximum diameter of cutterhead with blades: 300 mm
b) minimum diameter of cutterhead with blades: 82 mm
c) maximum length of the cutterhead: 250 mm
d) diameter of cutterhead orifice: 30, 35, 40 or 50 mm

2) Dimensions of individual blades (sharpened in the device)
a) thickness: min. 2 mm
b) length: max. 120 mm
c) width: min. 15 mm

3) Blade geometry
a) tool clearance angle: 10° through 30°
b) tool normal clearance: 0, ±5°, ±10°, ±15°

4) Longitudinal carriage shift: max. 270 mm

5) Transverse carriage shift: max. 120 mm

6) Shift of templet table
a) longitudinal: 16 mm
b) transverse: 20 mm

7) Grinding wheel
a) outer diameter: max. 250 mm
b) diameter of orifice: 32 mm
c) thickness: 6 mm

8) Grinding wheel rotational speed: 2000 or 2820 r.p.m.

9) Grinding wheel driving motor
a) voltage: ~3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
b) rating: 1.1 kW

10) Overall dimensions
a) length: 1110 mm
b) width: 1130 mm
c) height: 1580 mm

11) Weight (without outfit): 450 kg

Special outfit (optional delivery):
Grinding wheel balancing device
Grinding wheel holder